Saturday, November 28, 2009

Running in the Rain...just another day on Guam!

Growing up in SoCal spoiled me so much I viewed the slightest drizzle as a "storm". San Diego news stations will broadcast "Storm Watch 2009"  that results in 1/4 of an inch of rain. Rain is a BIG DEAL for us San Diegans. But Guam? Not so much. Flooded streets are the norm here and to go out for a run and get soaked is actually a luxury, because you keep cool! Running in puddles, hearing your shoes squish as you plod through the streets, wiping water not sweat, off your face, all very normal on this island.

So it's no surprise Cheddar and I got up to attack the streets of Tumon at 5am this morning for the Jingle Bell 5K run! Along with 1,000 of our newest friends we jogged the streets, met new dogs and even made a potty stop (Cheddar, not me). Cheddar decided she was about done at 2.5 miles so I dragged her the rest of the way, when she heard the Christmas music playing at the finish line she picked up her step, that's my girl!

We stuck around with some friends for the usual awards ceremony and raffle. Being on a (VERY) tiny island plane tickets are a commodity around here. So it was no surprise they were giving away a few round trip tickets to Manila and Fiji. Guam really knows how to drag these things out, they always last at least an hour sometimes more. Little prizes usually include umbrellas and foldable chairs, I've yet to go to a race that did not award those. After all you need an umbrella to keep you dry while you sit back and relax during a family fiesta on the beach! The umbrellas would have been helpful when a lovely storm chasing Typhoon Nida moved in and soaked us. We stood in the pouring rain and wind that only graces the presence of Southeast Asia for 25 minutes waiting out the awards and plane ticket raffle. My friend Julie placed 1st in the female open division, as usual. Seriously, that girl is fast! So she accepted her medal as the rain poured off her face. In the end like usual, none of us found out we were traveling to any exotic destinations for free but were relieved to be able to head home to a hot shower. I can say this, this morning was THE FIRST time I used the heater in my car. No joke. I've never used the heater before because this place is hot and humid all the time! But standing in the rain for that long will put a chill on your body so Katie and I enjoyed a warm cozy car the whole drive home, 15 mph through flooded streets and all! I love this place.

Tommy, Cheddar & I waiting to win a prize!

Yeah she didn't like it either.

The crew, braving the storm for a chance to escape the island!

The effects of Typhoon Nida blowing by.

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  1. well back here in SD today it just keeps raining and raining and it is soooo chilly. Yep us San Diegans are very spoiled, the thought of having to go out in the rain to run my errands right now makes me cringe! :)