Monday, April 25, 2011

Recipe for fun: Just add confetti.

Colin and I had the pleasure of visiting Washington DC last weekend and Yorktown this past weekend with family. We stayed with my sister Rissy in DC and also got to spend some time with Colin's sister Lara. Visits to the Smithsonian, an awesome quilt store and some awesome restaurants amounted to a great weekend up north!

Colin's dad had a layover on Saturday so we took him up to Yorktown for some history education. When Colin and Slim weren't talking airplanes they were talking about our nation's great Revolutionary war battles. 

Colin showed his dad where he worked and we took him to one of our favorite restaurants Captain Groovy's in Norfolk. Not a bad day!

We tried out a new church for Easter yesterday and then spent the rest of the afternoon with our good friends Steve and Diane. They have an adorable 13 month old, Hannah. It was Hannah's first Easter egg hunt but I think the adults had more fun than she did. Diane's family sent her Cascarones, confetti filled Easter eggs. As a notion of good luck, one will crack the egg on top of unsuspecting friend's head thus showering them in a colorful display of confetti. 

 Didn't see that one coming!

Rather unamused, Cheddar also took part in the action. 

 Danielle, Me, Hannah & Diane

Hannah took more delight in the attention of six adoring adults than plastic eggs. 

She was also concerned Cheddar hadn't been walked in awhile. 

And perhaps the best part of the day. Hannah couldn't get enough of Colin. We were all in shock. Maybe he will be ready for parenthood some day!

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