Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Checking out the local sites with family!

So a few pictures of our adventures with Mom and Dad while they were here. This is also to prove that I didn't put them to work during their entire visit.

A visit to the squadron of course. Dad and Colin convinced Mom to climb in the cockpit. This is pretty much her "Get me out of this claustrophobic pit before I hurt you" face. =)

The next day consisted of a visit to Kitty Hawk, NC. Of course we checked out the place where the Wright Brothers made their first flights (Just to the right of the long sidewalk you see in the picture). 

Nags Head, NC

Before heading up to Washington DC we all made a detour to Charlottesville and of course Monticello! We stayed at a charming B&B called The Inn at Monticello and spent the day checking out Jefferson's cool digs. 

As we headed north we checked out the Shenendoah Valley. What a gorgeous drive!

We spent a few days up in DC with my sister. Mom, Rissy and I spent Saturday at an enormous quilt show. I'm pretty sure I was the youngest person there. But I did pick up some fabulous fabrics for future projects. Plus, I won three tickets and five free classes for next year's show. Not bad eh? To ensure the validity of their man-cards, Dad and Colin ran in the complete opposite direction (wise choice) and checked out the Air & Space Museum and Manasses National Battlefield Park. Good decision boys. 

 After DC we checked out Jamestown and Williamsburg. The first time I saw these places was on my 8th Grade Washington DC trip. All I remember is a bunch of old boats and houses with people dressed up in costumes. Not much has changed.

Overall a very busy but exciting visit with the parents!