Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's a........!!

So it's been awhile. But I suppose pregnancy will do that to you! Anyway, just a quick update on the happenings in the Chance household:

I'm feeling better! Gone are the nauseous days of the first trimester. I'm eating much better and still running 8-9 miles a week. This baby LOVES to run, always settling in for a nap once we get going.

Colin started grad school. So when he's not flying 5 days a week he's studying his tail off all the time. I wish I had half his motivation.

I got a job! Great timing I know. However it's a fantastic setup for me and will allow me to work up until the baby is born. I work for a local race event company. We just finished the Virginia is for Lovers 14K yesterday and still have our biggest event, the Shamrock Marathon next month. It's a great job worthy of a separate blog post for later!

Perhaps the best update of all. We found out on Thursday that we're going to have a  baby GIRL!! It is sufficient to say I'm absolutely elated with the news. Colin's adjusting very well. Mostly because he has an excuse to buy a shotgun now. I think he's going to be a pretty awesome daddy. If anything, he got to accompany me to the ultrasound and he thought seeing his daughter for the first time was pretty stinkin' cool. 

It was a fairly eventful appointment in the fact that she was NOT interested in showing us her girl parts. Hence why we found her curled up in a ball with her legs crossed. The technician patiently spent over ten minutes wiggling my belly in hopes of waking her up. Finally after I shifted to my side, followed by some more wiggling she gave us a peek, probably in hopes we'd let her get back to her nap. The appointment was only 25 minutes but I was so anxious to find out that it felt like an eternity. The phone calls that followed later were fun, my parents are pretty excited, as are Colin's. I even got my first baby girl outfit from my co-worker, it even has little ballet slippers sewn into the feet, how cute is that? I think it's all starting to feel more real. More real than just the thought of a goldfish swimming around in me. I'm sure it'll get even more real as I continue to expand in more directions than I care to accept. At least I know it's all for a great cause. :)

Me at 19 weeks.

Baby Chance at 20 weeks!

It's a Girl!

Despite being ticked off at being woken up, she gave us a little wave. How cute is that?


  1. Howwwww exciting! Awesome about your job too, right up your alley!

  2. Yay! So many wonderful things happening :) beyond excited for you!!

  3. So excited for you Cati! Your job, your little girl, everything! Can't wait to meet her in September!!!! :)

  4. YAY!! so excited for yall!! :)

  5. yay! So happy for you guys!!! Now you can make all kinds of pretty tutu's for your little one :)