Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our pilgrimage to dolly mecca.

Sixteen years ago I would have died to do what I just did the other day. Sixteen years ago I was ten years old and in love with the American Girl dolls. I still remember all of them: Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha & Molly. I had the Samantha and Molly dolls, I loved to dress them, play with them and do their hair! Well if only the American Girl stores were around back then. Today AG has opened these ginormous stores (the Costco of a doll store) dedicated to these dolls. Only now they have enough characters to fill a Hall of Fame plus baby dolls and look alike dolls. Doll clothes, accessories everywhere in this two story wonderland. Girls came through the doors with their dolls, in identical outfits, it was adorable. The poor fathers dragged along huddled in corners of the store with a sting of fear in their eyes. Not sure if it was the estrogen overload or the amount of cash they were getting ready to fork over for their princesses...maybe both.

Mom and I had a great time checking everything out, she even bought a doll that looked just like me! A doll with red hair and blue eyes so that she'd have a model for the doll clothes she loves to make. I officially have a mini-me!

Doll Hair Salon?

Now that's some serious treatment. They even have seatbelts on the chairs!

Tennis & Golf Outfits!

Is this creepy or what? I could see this being in a movie!

Me with my mini-me!

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