Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ice Cream Martinis anyone?

So my good friend Julie and I threw a baby shower for our friend Kate yesterday. She's having a boy! It was such a great time, I decided that hosting at someone else's house is way more fun. Not to mention my friend Andrea took some awesome pictures of the event.

Since Kate is a fan of ice cream and the party was to be held after lunchtime we created an ice cream martini bar. I once went to an event where they served mashed potato martinis, it was awesome! So we went out and purchased some adorable martini glasses and adorned them with different bows and ribbons for each guest to have and take home.

The stems on the glasses had a zigzag design which was not only cute but great for tying ribbons as identifiers (instead of wine glass rings).

Between Julie and I, I think we came up with every ice cream topping imaginable. As a result, it was a huge hit. Even the kids loved it (of course, what child doesn't love ice cream?).

Even though I have yet to have children I have been to enough baby showers (maybe that's a hint) to realize I didn't want to organize games in which guests were to smell a candy bar in a diaper or measure Kate's waist or keep their legs uncrossed. To say there are a lot of baby showers held on this island is a clear understatement. There isn't a whole lot to do so of course, we throw baby showers for the second, third and sometimes fourth child! So Julie and I decided to lose the games and just have a fun activity guests could do as they mingled. I created an acronym board which I have yet to name, suggestions are welcome. I cut out sheets of paper and using letter stickers, put the name "Sean" on them. Guests were invited to come up with adjectives or sentences to go with each letter of the baby's name. They then stuck them up on the board and after presents, Kate would pick her favorite one. The winner would announce herself and win a prize! It was certainly a challenging game but I was impressed with the creativity that came through. We also held a door prize raffle for two other prizes, including the floral arrangement we had at the table.

Acronym Game

Kate went home with a new wardrobe of baby clothes and a fabulous diaper cake made by our friend Andrea. I think I might try to make one some time, it looks like fun!

All in all it was a sweet success. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and as long as that is the case, I am happy as a clam. Even if we did forget the whipped cream in the refrigerator...whoops!


Kate, adorable as ever. Can you believe that's what six months pregnant looks like??


  1. Wow! She doesn't even look 6 months pregnant! You did a great job with the shower!

  2. ummm I'm think i love the ice cream martini bar!! I'll probably be stealing that my next shin-dig. :)

  3. Sounds like a super awesome, classy shower. Great ideas! =)

  4. everything looks like it turned out awesome!! great idea for the ice cream martini bar - super cute glasses! ice cream cakes are fun to make, i made one by myself and while i got the job done - wish i woulda had another hand or 2 :) the acronym "game" is perfect and very memorable and neat for mama :) great job! wish i coulda been there!

  5. that's funny that you mentioned the mashed potato martini bar because that's what we're having at my shower!! i'm glad to hear your ice cream version was a success. great idea on the game too - you're so creative :)

  6. such cute ideas!!! I love to throw showers and I may jut steal your acronym games, I'll name it "Caitlyn's Baby Name Game" :)

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