Thursday, April 8, 2010


He's home!!!!!!

Colin has officially been home a full week and I couldn't be happier for it! All my nerves went out the window the second he walked through Customs at the airport. If you've never experienced hugging the man you married after not seeing him for almost eight months, it's UNREAL. I'd say the first five or ten seconds it's a big strange, but it quickly comes back. The poor guy had been flying for 18 hours so he was pretty much dead to the world. I had my "welcoming committee" along with me, about 8 friends of ours who came out to welcome him back. It was all pretty overwhelming but in a good way. I think these guys sometimes feel under appreciated and perhaps forgotten after being gone so long. They lose touch with the world and as Colin said, it means the world to know you've been missed by so many people.

Me with his picture from church. Our church posts pictures of the deployed members, I was more than happy to take it down!

Love this one.

He must have been tired, we couldn't catch a picture of him with his eyes open!

The first few days were a little strange. I have no idea why I cleaned the house and thoroughly as I did. Before I knew it I had boots, flight gear, flight suits, BDU's, thermals, and a whole lot other sandy crap all over my floor! It's amazing to see what these guys have to carry with them. Then, yesterday his gorilla boxes, basically glorified rubbermaid trunks arrived. Of course I had finally cleaned up the first mess before the boxes exploded with all kinds of deployment fun. I will say Christmas arrived and I was very happy at the sight of that! Colin bought me a persian rug for our computer room and an Iraqi tea set. I wish we had room to display the tea set but I figure we probably will in our next house!

Colin kept telling Cheddar she was going to be shipped back to the states. Hence the facial expression?

Colin went straight back to work on Tuesday, since we didn't know when he'd be home we didn't have time to schedule leave and a vacation right after he got back. We enjoyed the weekend together and even took Oscar and Cheddar to Haputo Beach on Monday. The wonders of going to the beach while everybody else is at work/school. We had it to ourselves, what a gorgeous beach! The dogs of course had a grand time. They could barely lift their heads after we got home. 

So needless to say, it's been so nice to have him back. We don't "expect" another deployment for awhile but of course it's the Navy, it can ALWAYS change! So we'll enjoy the time we have together for now!



  1. Homecomings are amazing aren't they!!! Happy he's back- gotta say "BDU's" I didn't know anyone still wore those! ha haa

  2. YAYYY!!! so glad he's home. i definitely remember our much awaited 6 1/2 month hug. :) the military life is kinda fun in that you always get to recreate being newlyweds - getting used to each other over & over again. much love to you both!

  3. Yay! I'm glad you guys are back together and that he made it home safe. Enjoy the time!

  4. Hello from Kansas! I found your blog through another military wife's blog (Ohtheplaceswewillgo) and I found hers while doing a search for the author of a quotation on Hobby Lobby's weekly email. It never ceases to amaze me how the internet has led me to such interesting people! I'm no longer connected to the military unless you count being a veteran as being connected, but spent the first 16 years of my life as an Army brat, then followed my father's footsteps and spent three years in the Army, most of them in Germany. As a child I spent time living in Japan, Hawaii, Germany, Kansas and Missouri. Anyway, I'm certain that you are VERY occupied right now, so will just wish you and hubby the best of times and reassure you that military life is more than worth the pain of separation. Oh, Google Connect is stuck on my dog Katie's account and won't let me change it, so that lovely Border Collie is really me. She thinks she's human anyway, so must've put a spell on the computer. lol! Take care and enjoy life!