Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grownup Furniture!

Colin and I are relishing in the fact that we finally own bedroom furniture! Somehow we got by with very minimal organizing tools in Guam. Did you know cardboard boxes  are great for shirt storage? Given our daily wardrobes consisted of  tank tops, running shorts, swim suits and flight suits; we didn't need a whole lot in the way of storage.

Now that we're back in the land of seasons, we drove down to High Point, NC (furniture capital of the WORLD) and picked out a nice set of furniture for our grownup selves.  The best part is we went with an antiqued "rubbed cream" finish. Anotherwards, bring on the Navy moves!!

Curtains are up next!


  1. So beautiful! I just cringed when I saw something wooden hung over the bed but realized it's okay because there are no earthquakes there... that must be refreshing!

  2. it's beautiful, different and just plain lovely!!

  3. It looks very nice! Hooray for new furniture :)