Friday, August 19, 2011

Back in the Habit

I've been struggling to keep up with my running this summer. Mostly because of the heat. But also because I just lost interest in it. When that terrible helicopter crash took the life of 38 people two weeks ago I was absolutely crushed. There are many reasons but mostly because there are so many people around here who were directly impacted by it. I went out for a run the next morning and immediately saw a black sash draped across the sign in the neighborhood next to us. One of them lived there. It made me realize I've probably seen these people before, probably running the same path as me. It made me realize I won't anymore. It once again reminded me of the incredible sacrifice they made for us and for some odd reason, it was the best run I've done all summer. So I began running more and more after that and not only was it not hard, it was enjoyable. I suppose I thought of those guys and how hard they worked to do what they did. I also realized I haven't run a race in awhile and remembered that races motivate me to run. It's no coincidence that a friend reminded me of the Freedom Half Marathon in Norfolk this fall. And that is what I decided to do. I signed Colin and I up and we're going to run it, for those guys and for all those who cannot be here to do it with us today.


  1. can't wait to run with you in nov!

  2. I hope it's your best race yet, Cait. Hugs xxoo