Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Mother Nature Education

So we managed to escape the brunt of the latest tropical storm "Parma" but it looks like we might get another visit from Mother Nature on Saturday morning. Typhoon Melor is racing towards the Marianas Islands. They think it will pass to the north, sparing us the worst of what she has to offer but these things change their minds every ten minutes, or so it seems. I must say I'm learning a lot about weather out here! Being a native San Diegan I thought I was cool because we could boast having 4 "micro-climates" in one city. I'm learning terms like "tropical disturbance", "super typhoon", "vertical wind shear" and my favorite: "tropical depression" - something we like to think we feel when the cabin fever gets the best of us! I'm also learning that even the best technology cannot accurately predict weather patterns. Yesterday we were supposed to be hit with 45+ mph winds from Parma (the scheduled air show was cancelled), the whole island was on both Tropical Storm alert and a Tsunami alert, from the earthquake near Samoa. As a result, both the weather and the roads  were more calm than my dog during her morning nap. Crazy!

So we'll have to see what Melor is in the mood for. I'm supposed to do the Strides For Life 5K on Saturday morning so I'm bummed I may have to settle for the treadmill, such as life. In the meantime, check out this latest picture below. Does that spell DOOM or what??


  1. This week has been a weather roller coaster. I hope it doesn't ruin your run! And I love that one of you labels is "Doomed" I'm still laughing at that one.

  2. HOLY doom is right!!! Good luck chica... and remember: a generator is strong enough to power a couple of blenders ;)

  3. Well, it's a week past this post so I hope everything turned out ok. That picture totally spells DOOM.