Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dancing "Thriller" at 6am!

What can I say, halloween was a roaring success here on the fabulous island of Guam. We may not have fall leaves, cool weather and the smell of logs on the fireplace but we do have fallen coconuts, warm island breezes and a faint smell of salty sea air!

The day began at 430am, I got up in costume (80's style) for a Halloween 5K with my running group, complete with a warmup to "Thriller" at 6am. We may not have been the fastest group but we sure were the most entertaining. While many runners were sprinting to the finish line to claim a coveted t-shirt (which are never guaranteed to every participant!) we danced, pranced, leaped, jumped and twirled our way through the course. Julie and our coach Noemie would simulate Michael Jackson's "Thriller" while jumping over cones, and would run up the stairs of the courthouse to the tune  of "Rocky" while bemused runners carried on. I became quite proficient at traffic cone leaps. I got a cheer every time I hurtled one. How's that for encouragement?

So it was a fun, relaxed race and after checking out the costumes (President and Mrs Obama, a marine dressed as a Hooters waitress (complete with a sock), the cast of Pacman, and three teenage guys (who we are guessing want to be the famed Jonas brothers) wearing speedos and signs over them that said "Censored". So fun!

Later on I put on my costume and Cheddar put on hers. Or rather I painted hers, Smurfstyle.

So what do you think?

My little Smurfette had a grand time. We joined our neighbor Stephanie to hand out candy to trick-o-treaters. She lives on Rota Drive, which is THE happenin' place for Halloween. Also known as the Big Wig street, most of the base's top ranking brass live there so of course, would you expect anything less than supremo candy bars? It was like a tsunami of children, six o' clock hit and bam! Kids were coming in droves. Stephanie and I couldn't even sit down, we were too busy handing out candy to children by the dozen. Cheddar kept busy by "inspecting" everyone's candy bucket.

Once all the kids retreated home into sugar comas I finished my costume and headed downtown to a halloween party with some of my buds from the squadron. I dressed as "Miss March", a proud member of the Calendar Girls this year. Each of us dressed as a month, it was hilarious. I dressed in a green swimsuit with a white skirt, green top and boots. Then I pinned a couple dozen shamrock cutouts to my outfit! I don't have pictures yet but will post them as soon as they become available. But I will say that it was a pretty interesting time. There is no lack of creativity with these people, we had Waldo, Flash the Superhero, Chick Magnet, a beer drinking chicken and Mr Guam, my friend Chris dressed in a cardboard cutout of the island where everyone wrote a memory of theirs on the board. To put it kindly, it was a colorful plethora of "memories".

By midnight I was sacked. No late night for me, I was up early this morning baking for a church luncheon and BBQ with my running girls later.

No rest for the weary!

I apologize for the crooked pictures, Iphoto isn't working with me today. :)

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  1. thanks for coming over last night! handing out candy is a lot more fun with a blue dog and a good friend!