Saturday, January 16, 2010

I wanna be a pilot now!

A dream came true for me today. Well, almost. I had the opportunity to visit an F-18 Hornet squadron at MCAS Miramar this morning! A friend of a friend, Dave offered to show us around the place, it was so cool! I took my longtime neighbors Kyle and Cooper with me (boys love this stuff!!) and we got to check out the planes and bombs (duds of course) and learn all about it. Of course, everything is in acronyms so I still don't remember everything Dave told us about but it certainly was a great experience. The boys even got t-shirts, coins and patches. And yes, I'm incredibly jealous. :D

I was the photog this time around so no pics of me (I'm kinda bummed now) but I sure had fun doing it!

Do we have a future pilot perhaps?

Coop checking out the cockpit

Cooper, Dave & Kyle

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  1. That's awesome! I'd love to do that one day. My In-laws actually live right over Miramar (in a hill... literally overlooking). I might have to holler at this Cooper next time I'm in down. ;)