Thursday, January 14, 2010

A vacation from my vacation?

Why not? This past week I had the pleasure of spending some time with my bud Chelsey and her family! We were challenged with finding the hotspots in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we think we succeeded. We ate greasy southern take-out, hit the Army base (Ft Bragg, HUGE!) and even braved the "Walmartians" of a true southern Walmart. A trip to the strip club and tattoo parlor would've completed the experience but we felt our husbands might not have agreed. :D

A weekend trip to Raleigh gave us the pleasure of lunch with Kristen (one of my other bridesmaids, now a friend of Chelsey) and her family followed by some shopping. By the end of our shopping trip it was Caitlyn: 5 Chelsey and Kristen: 0. Clearly I was the one who was shopping deprived. :)

Here are a few shots from my trip!

We ventured out on several freezing runs. What a change from Guam!

This is where I discovered Jeffrey isn't a fan of flying. Shh, don't tell Colin!

One of Chelsey's many talents

Since I couldn't spend my anniversary with Colin, I spent it with my bridesmaids. Shopping, naturally.

Jeffrey doing his best smile for Aunty "Caytwyn"

Chelsey and Jeff, so cute!

Matching Macs!

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