Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frustration with a capital F!

I feel like I'm stuck in the dead of winter right now. I sort of feel like a lot of people are feeling the same way. The holidays are over, summer is nowhere in sight. The days that drag on are all the same. Now if I look outside, I'll realize it's 85 degrees and sunny. That's a Guam winter for ya. But when every day is 85 degrees and sunny, a sense of boredom sinks in. When that strikes, I start to crave change. Change is a word that I have had to learn and get used to. I may not always like it but it's inevitable when it comes to Navy life. Similar to the fear of public speaking, most people dread change just as much as I do. Yet, when we get over that bridge, we often appreciate the refreshing feeling that comes with all that "newness". I feel like Guam lacks change. Even more than a small town in the middle of Iowa. Besides the weather, the lifestyle doesn't change too much. In fact Guam really feels like it's running about 15 years behind the rest of the country. Old cars, homes falling apart, lack of technology (typewriter anyone?), large stray animal population, and slow, really slow speed limits (to accommodate those really old cars!). We've been forced to tailor our lifestyle to accommodate these factors. While frustrating, I do appreciate the way it has slowed me down a bit. Colin and I had the first 7 months of our marriage together and without busy and conflicting job schedules and endless activities, we were able to spend more time together than I would guess most newlywed couples do. What a blessing!

I still dread change, don't get me wrong but I'm learning how to deal with it when it's handed thrown at me. It's nice to have that flexibility, especially when you get what I call Guam Fever, a case of boredom all unto its own. I lose control (something all folks in the military must learn) of what's going on and being the "fixer" that I am, I want to change it all. I suppose as long as the 'change' is in my hands, it's all fine and dandy. Unfortunately I cannot fix everything or everyone, only myself. You'd find it to be quite a hoot watching first time Guam residents spend their first few weeks on the island. I was one of them and whew! I must have caused Colin to almost rethink his vows as I drove him berserk with my complaints. Here are the top 5:

5. Me: MUST we really drive 30 mph on a four lane road?
Colin: Welcome to Guam honey.

4. Me: Is that mold coming out of our apartment's A/C vent?
Colin: Welcome to Guam honey.

3. Me: Why is there a carabao (water buffalo) standing in a parking spot?
Colin: Welcome to Guam honey.

2. Me: Why do the locals have to buy 13 packages of meat at the grocery store?
Colin: Welcome to Guam honey.

1. Me: I just found 47 flies, 7 geckos, and 4 cockroaches in our house!
Colin: Cool!!

Now that it's been a year, I've come to realize Guam is quite content with itself and the best I can do is be myself and surprisingly, I have actually come to appreciate the beauty of this place.  I still get frustrated, very frustrated but I just try to think of our relatives sitting in 87 feet of snow on the East Coast right now. Yes, I like Guam!

To show my appreciation for this tiny island, I have some pictures below. My good friend Wes borrowed Colin's car after they shipped theirs back to the States. As a thank you he offered to take some photos of Cheddar and I to send to Colin. Can't wait to get the pics (ordered online of course, must wait 7 days to receive them) so I can get started on a scrapbook!

Much love,

Random shot when a B-52 was on approach!


  1. Awesome! LOVE the jeans! (and you, of course!)

  2. Cute blog!
    From one Guam alum: I'm glad to see you've found your pace. . . . .you WILL miss it. (The island - not the politics!)

  3. Hey Caitlyn! Found your blog from facebook- I hear you about Guam, especially the "Takes 45 min to get anywhere" part. Also, those pics of you are great and so are the jeans! Love those! Great blog :)
    Love, Jen