Friday, February 5, 2010


So I do have to say ever since I've been on Guam I have found exercise to be a challenge. Back in the States, I could run every day, hike, bike whatever. Amazing how I managed to complain then! Now I live in a hot humid jungle with an equatorial sun gleaming overhead all day. Not that I'm complaining. After all, it is February and I went to the beach yesterday. HOWEVER, when it comes to physical activity, you have to get creative! Generally I run before 7am, before the heat settles in. The humidity wears you down rather quickly. SO given the challenging climate I finally decided to fight NOT going to the gym. I worked in one for five years and once I latched onto running, I never wanted to go back! However, my friend Jolene dragged me to this class, "Zumba" last fall. I was terribly intimidated yet intrigued by this aerobics style class. HOLY COW. It was hilarious, disgustingly difficult, intimidating yet fantastic and super fun. Ashli the instructor hails from the Bronx and can bust out a move worthy of a look from JLo. She packs a good 50 gals into her classes four nights a week. For 60 minutes we're dancing until the floor is soaked in sweat. Anything from salsa, samba, merengue to good old modern dance club moves. Not only is she a hit with the twentysomethings but the older ladies too. My favorite is a group of fortysomething Filipino ladies who try their darndest to bust out moves. Sure they can't hit a beat but they have so much fun it makes me smile and laugh. In fact I'd say the most fun part of Zumba is laughing at myself. I went FOUR TIMES this week, including the 90 minute class on Monday. And you know what the best part is? My jeans finally felt a little loose today...WAHOOEE!


  1. great job! i wanted to call and see if you were going this week - s'pose i could have just showed and seen you :) busybusy as always...perhaps next week!

  2. That's great! I'm glad you're enjoying it!