Friday, March 19, 2010

Scuba Certified!

So I can officially say I am Scuba Diving Certified! I'm certainly glad I took the plunge (haha) and completed the course, especially since I did not realize how grueling it is! I didn't realize the course I took is really a 7-10 day course shoved into three wonderful days. I probably wouldn't have done it if I knew what went into it!

The two days after the pool were quite interesting. Day 2 had two dives and Day 3 had three dives, sounds appropriate! We had to do about 354 drills which was definitely a turnoff! Things like floating underwater and controlling your breathing, buddy breathing, pulling your gear off and putting it back on while standing on the ocean floor, skills to get yourself to the surface quickly (my ears didn't like that) and my favorite, ripping your mask off underwater, putting it back on and blowing the water out of it. This contact wearer was not a fan let me tell you!! By the third dive on the third day, I felt fairly confident that I could go diving and not a) flip out under water b) forget to breathe & c) get eaten by sea creatures. And you know what? It was actually fun! I felt like I was in space!

We didn't pick the best of days to do this but hey, whatever. We dove Gab Gab on the last two days and it felt more like Boston Harbor than tropical Guam:

Anyway, now that I can do what the other half of Guam does on a regular basis, I hope to hop on a boat in the near future and explore some of the famous reef and shipwreck locations around the island!

Blurry, but that's me!

Nemo says hello.

My Scuba buddy and brave friend Andrea.


  1. woohoo congrats! cant wait to go diving with you!! our instructor was super laid back - he made us do those silly "drills" once each then moved on. phew!!

  2. That's awesome! Congrats on completely the course!