Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boonie Stompin'

So we did a boonie stomp yesterday. For those of you who aren't familiar with the local terminology, "boonie" refers to anything native to the island. "stomp" is used because you have to make your way through the jungle and well, the term just fits! We joined a group of air force friends for a hike to Pagat Cave. We had to push through some thick jungle along the way, slipped and sled down to the coastline. We stopped at this blowhole like cavern with a coral arch sitting over the top. Apparently this is a great swimming opportunity and since I was drenched in sweat, I was desperate! After a couple of guys took the plunge I decided to. Of course I had to sit on my butt and ponder it for awhile (it was waaaay deeper than it did from afar!) Since the jump was about 20 feet and the water depth was around 15 feet I knew it was safe but it was a long fall! But so refreshing! I was so proud of myself for taking the plunge (pun fully intended) and was rewarded with a crazy rock climb back up. Lesson learned: coral makes a great rock climbing surface, so grippable it almost sliced through my hands!  

After that dip we meandered back through the jungle and after a few wrong turns (I swear that jungle grew right over our path!) we arrived at the caves. It was so cool. Imagine the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland. If only we had that music, it would have been perfect! The water was cold (well, by Guam standards) but we were so hot it didn't matter! Luckily many brought water proof flashlights so we could find our way in! We lit candles all over the cave so we could see, it was so eerie but so cool! Cheddar came along and was so happy to cool off. After a brief swim she found a rock and set up camp. If she wanted a dip again she'd find someone facing away from her and then take a flying leap into the water behind them, fortunately she made several new friends yesterday!  

We were bummed to leave (especially since the hike back up was steep and rocky!) but pleased with our day's adventure. You know the feeling when you've been working hard all day and you get to sit down and relax (after a good shower)? That was definitely our day yesterday! We invited the Donnellys over for cobbler and wine, just another day in Guam!


  1. yall are so adventurous! andrew & i will be glad (me: a little scared) to join you on your next stomp :)