Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving on & preparing for a visit from the rents!

So I'm on my fourth day since Colin left, not bad! I can't lie, it's been lonely without having him here. I'm not surprised to find the hardest part about this is not seeing him bound through the front door after work every day. It's like this: I see him pull up in front and I get all giddy to see him but I get busy and pretend to not expect him (how dorky would that be?). Then he whips open the door real fast and pulls off his hat as he steps through the door. Cheddar bounds to the door and sits in front of him for a pet. If only he were to recite "Honey, I'm home!" I'd think we were in Leave it to Beaverland! I know it's dorky but it's something I love about my husband and look forward to when he's home! 

I finally did hear from the man yesterday. He was able to email me through a friend's account and let me know he made it, whew! Once he gets settled out there I'm sure I'll hear more from him on a regular basis, can't wait!

My mom and dad are arriving from Hawaii tonight. I'm very excited to see them again, some much needed distraction is on order. Considering it's monsoon season and we almost got hit with an almost typhoon this week, we'll have to be creative with our activities. On tap for now are a snorkeling trip, WW2 museum trip, a visit to the squadron and a pizza party a'la Jim. My dad loves to make pizza and always does when he visits his daughters. It's hard to get good pizza on the island so I already have a few friends lined up for a slice or two on Friday! 


Cheddar and I making our sad "I miss Colin" faces. :)

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