Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tough Goodbyes

Quick post as I'm waiting for my kitchen floor to dry! I said goodbye to my hubby last night as he boarded a plane for Kuwait. Funny, I was feeling pretty decent, not happy but decent as I headed home and joined my friends Andrea and Julie for wine and cookies. We chatted and ate, taking turns holding Andrea's baby. I decided that wine and cookies make everything better. In fact I was feeling pretty good until church when I got the first pang of sadness. I miss my man pretty bad right now, I hope he's arrived by now and getting settled. Here are some pictures from last night. I'll write more on everything later.

Mark saying goodbye to his boys.

The Klein Family (a very tearful Monica!


  1. gah! the goodbye was SO hard for me when andrew deployed last year. luckily, he had to be dropped off at midnight so i came home, soooobbbbed, then went to sleep and was ok the next day. it was a pretty "easy" deployment for us but you wouldnt think so judging by my "leaking face" the whole evening before he left and the boohoos after we said goodbye!

    we'll take care of you, caitlyn!