Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I thought something was wrong...

Well it's been quite a week and I believe another "quite a week" is about to begin. It pretty much started with a meltdown in the Honolulu customs line today. The fact that my husband is gone for seven months culminated right there! I was doing so well all week with the distraction of having my parents in Guam but I think I remembered that Colin and I spent a small part of our honeymoon in Hawaii and it all came apart. :( I was wondering why I was handling our first deployment so well (I hadn't even cried once!) and I guess it was just due time for a good cry. As a result the whole airport got to see my teary eyed, tomato colored face as I tried to gain some composure and look like a normal human being again. To make it worse, I saw my friend Jack from church and I think he's probably assuming I'm nuts by now although a lady doing upside down yoga poses by baggage claim (no joke, I guess she doesn't like constricting plane travel much) passed me a tissue out of sympathy, what a gal.

So the folks and I are in Kona, Hawaii for the week. Our good friend Karen Martinez has loaned us her vacation home and I must say it's just beautiful. I hope I can get past some of my sad moments and enjoy the next few days on this gorgeous island, it would certainly be a waste not to!


  1. Hang in there, Caitlyn!! You're gonna do great. I'll be praying for you! Have a good time with your family. Miss you!

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