Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back from the Big Island.

I'm back! It was a great week in Hawaii and even greater break from the Rock but it's nice to be back amongst my friends and neighbors! A couple of things I learned in Kona...
  • We didn't actually stay in Kona! We stayed up on the Kohala Coast, about 20 miles north...beautiful!
  • Hawaii's west coast has the most sunny days in a year whereas Hawaii's east coast has the most rainy days, crazy eh?
  • It is good to have generous friends. We stayed in a BEAUTIFUL house in the Mauna Lani Resort complete with a car (mercedes!), beach equipment and a private beach!
  • One can actually walk on a volcano crater floor.
  • Losing your contacts AND glasses is not a good idea when your vacation is heavy on the sightseeing. Ugh.
  • Going to the honeymoon capital of the world is surprisingly difficult when you just sent your husband off to Kuwait.
  • Goats! Tons of them! We were told the island still has a herd of wild goats roaming around...I think we found them in our backyard. (see picture below)
  • Waterfalls are cool. Paying $13 per person to see them is sooo not.
  • Pina Coladas, Lava Flows and Daiquiris are a great way to ease deployment worries. (Thanks Dad!)
  • Hawaii sunsets rock. Period.

The Crater!
Right before dad burns his hand on the steam vent. Nice goin dad!

Triple Falls
Our new "pets"
A great house!
Sipping away the deployment.

Pretty typical.

A few pictures from the week before Hawaii. My folks made pizza and margaritas for 35 of my "closest" friends one rainy night. I think we set a record for squeezing a small army into our flintstone house. 

Hi Tommy!

We also attended Tommy's first birthday party! My littlest neighbor turned one and got to dig into the customary baby birthday cake!


  1. The picture of your dad with the onion rings is AWESOME.

  2. Yeah!!!! Another blog for me to follow :) It looks like you are having fun in Guam. I hope that your 7 months without Colin goes by fast.