Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well this weekend certainly was a whirlwind. I was telling my friend Tessa the other day that my life in Guam is like a New York cab. Busy busy busy, moving fast and then slam! Everything comes to a halt. Before you know it I'm busy busy busy and boom, I'm bored! This weekend provided many a social opportunity for this chick. Friday brought a big giant party at Tessa's house to welcome her husband Christ home for a whopping 36 hours (his ship pulled in port for a quick stop). I'm still mystified she was generous enough to share her husband with 50 of their closest friends for a good portion of that but hey, free food, why not?? :) 

Saturday was insane! In effort to stay busy (and no ability to say no to anyone) I welcomed about 50+ people over to my house for the squadron's customary Hail & Bail and annual basket auction. Every few months we get together for a tradition formally known as "Hail & Fairwell" where the Skipper welcomes in the new officers and their families and sends off the departing ones. This "mandatory fun" event is also a great excuse for the guys to get together over a few beers (it IS the Navy right??). The OSC (Officers Spouses Club) organizes a basket auction every fall to raise money for the children's Christmas party we host for all the kids in the squadron (and yes, I am putting that together...too). Over the last couple of weeks the ladies have gone together and created baskets to auction off. I must say, for an organization that does not hold a 501(c) 3 status, we kicked some booty! These baskets were AMAZING. I've got a couple of pics below for ya. There is no lack of creativity among these wonderful women, I'm just sayin!

A few of the guys came over on Friday to setup a HUGE tent and tables, chairs and a sound system. Yep, a sound system and yep, I realized ten minutes before the event began that I forgot to alert the neighbors about that one. My house hasn't been TP'd and I haven't received any hate mail yet so I think we're all still on good terms! Before you know it we've got dozens of folks milling about the basket tables, licking their chops. And I'm not talking about the mexican food sitting at the end of the line! The JOPA decided it was theme night so they all showed up in bathrobes. Fantastic. Again, like the wives, there is no lack of creativity in these guys. (See pics below!) Tessa and Jolene joined in and put on their robes and sold raffle tickets for our 50/50 raffle (BTW, a huge money maker for all you non-profits!). Todd and Mason did an incredible job of emceeing the night. I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time, they did a fantastic job. I truly think the guests enjoyed the event quite a bit. By the end of the night we raised $3700! It's the most successful basket auction we've had in YEARS. Whooppee! And since I'm putting together this next shindig, I am a VERY happy girl!

So after the mayhem of Saturday, Sunday brought a tupperware party (yes, they still exist and they ROCK!), a kickball game and Chinese food with the Pikes! The most notable part of the day was the Pooch Plunge at the base pool. Scheduled to close for complete remodel the next day they had a dog swim in the pool. Fantastic! The event consisted of owners dragging, throwing, pushing and pulling their dogs into the water. I did all of the above with Cheddar, she was not happy to be dunked!! She held onto me like a baby and kept trying to make a beeline for the edge of the pool when she had the nerve to let go. It was chaos in a pool. She did however master the 1 1/2 foot baby pool with an air of confidence and it probably explains the prissy behavior she displayed shortly thereafter. While running around the kiddie pool with a small pack of dogs, she growled at a dog. I probably shouldn't have intervened because the pool boss came up behind me and demanded I leash "that dog" and remove her from the pool area. The expressions on the faces of those around me were awesome, how lame. Clearly, he'd never been to a dog park...or pool before. So I suppose I am the proud owner of the first and only dog to ever get (almost) kicked out of the base pool! How's that for bragging rights? 

So that is my weekend, hope you enjoy the pictures!

Tessa, Joe & Jolene selling raffle tickets! Who can say no to a woman in rollers? Or a guy in a pink robe?

"Rolling Cocktail Party"

"Everything But the Clubs"

"His & Hers" BBQ set

A few items kidnapped from the XO's house. XO decided the golf package was way more valuable than his stuff. =)

Our awesome emcees, Todd & Mason, fully dressed for the part!

"Deployment Survival" basket put together by Tessa & Yours Truly. It doesn't take long for a couple of Det wives to come up with something like this! It went for over $200!

The proud JOPA sporting their finest bathwear. 

Cash holding on for dear life.
Some pups even dressed up for the occasion! 
Look at us!

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