Friday, September 18, 2009

A Half Marathon in Guam....shoot!

So just when I thought I was over my impulsive tendencies, I caved...again. So I was out shopping for some items for my "Deployment Survival" basket for our squadron basket auction on Saturday. I decided to run over to Hornet Sports and sign up for a couple of 5k's. I figure that would motivate me to run and well, just get me out of bed on Saturday mornings. Now, coming from a high tech company that processes online registrations for thousands of athletic (and participatory!) events each year, you'd think I'd expect to go online and register for these events, conveniently. Oh! But this is Guam! Haha, I almost forgot. Take back 10 years and that is what we've got here. Old fashioned paper and cash registration.

So I'm at Hornet browsing the whopping two 5k's they have posted when I come across the Koko's Half Marathon next month. People have been asking why I hadn't signed up for it and I said, it's just too humid and why punish myself for 13.1 miles on this cliff laden Rock? Why I didn't propose that argument to myself in the store, I have no idea. But I can say the rush of race day came back to me again and I thought, I should sign up, surprise everyone and do it! So I did. I paid my $30 (THAT is a reason to do it right there, a steal!) and walked out only to get in the car and go "HOLY BEANS! WHAT ON EARTH AM I THINKING???" And yes, I'm still saying that to myself. I guess I'll let you know when it stops. 

But for now I will get my tush out of bed each morning and push myself toward a goal of 13.1 miles by October 18th. Yes, ONE MONTH FROM TODAY! Oh geez, that's a new record for impulsive race signups for me. And I didn't even have the atmosphere and peer pressure to cave into. Just 100% humidity, 85 degrees and dirt, lots of dirt and my current ability to run about three miles at a time. Oh and did I mention the base doesn't allow joggers to use i-pods? 

I'm not in Kansas (ahem, San Diego) anymore am I?


  1. you'll have a ride to & fro :) that way you can sleep on the way there and pass out on the way back and you'll have a cheerleader on the sidelines yelling 'YOU CAN DOOO IIIITTTT!!!' (after i decide it's time to wake up :) 5am?!)

  2. Haha! Will you wear a skirt and pompoms too? I can't wait to see my cheerleader pumping me along!!