Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go Go G.A.D.G.E.T!

So the last five months of my life culminated last weekend with Vacation Bible School at church. A few obstacles got in our way but God prevailed and we were able to succeed. Yes, normally VBS is supposed to be a summer activity but due to some conflicts with the Guam Public School's schedule we had to delay VBS by a few weeks. So we turned it into a weekend retreat, sort of a welcome back to the island, family event, parents included! "Gadget's Garage" came to Lutheran Church of Guam with music, drama, games, dinner and storytelling! For three nights 25 kids and their parents came to church and what a time we had! The parents got some much needed time away with a bible study with Pastor Austin and the kids....well they had a pretty darn good time. For two and a half hours each night we sang, danced, painted, and ran around learning about "God's Always Doing Great and Exciting Things!" - Get it? G.A.D.G.E.T! I spent a better part of my time refereeing the craft table. The kids made robots out of milk cartons, toilet paper rolls, bottle caps and an assortment of other recycled items. If I had any idea how much they liked to paint I probably would've given them a canvas and some finger paint and they would've been over the moon. Our youngest participant, Trevor used his 2 year old creativity on the carton, the table, his shirt...his face. It was a hoot! It was so great to see kids aged 2 - 15 enjoy playing together, they had so much fun! And I must say I did too, it was so great to see all that work culminate into a success...whew!

Enjoy these next couple of pics, truly a great time!

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